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Together we make your website a success

Joomla website development

Do you want to have a new Joomla website or an existing Joomla website rebuilt?

Joomla is a very user-friendly system and the possibilities are endless. With Joomla you get the website that suits your business or organization. The strength of this system lies in its versatility, flexibility and large community. Although working with Joomla is easy in practice, an initial set-up and setup often proves challenging for many entrepreneurs. This may of course be due to a lack of time and / or the right specialistise to set up the website properly in the basics.

Since 2006 I specialize in building, maintaining and optimizing Joomla websites to the full satisfaction of my customers.

Improve an existing Joomla website

Do you already have a Joomla website and you want to improve it, update it or you want a new fresh look to match your corporate identity? Even then I can help you. Look for more information at Joomla support

Easy to manage

Your website is easily customizable by using this system. You can add new pages yourself.


Your website will be optimized for the search engines. This makes you rise in Google and get more visitors.

Secure website

My websites will be delivered in combination with the maintenance contract. I provide updates, monitoring and backups.

100% Owned

With me, you are the 100% owner of the website. With this open source CMS, you are unlimited in design and functionality.

Responsive website

Your website is viewable on all screens and automatically adapts to the size of the screen.

Joomla support

Need help or have a question about your website? No problem, I'm happy to help you with this!

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful Open Source CMS suitable for both small and large websites. There are many extensions available through the Joomla Extension Directory. This allows you to give your Joomla website extra functionality. Joomla is suitable for businesses, governments, foundations, organizations but also for personal (blog) websites. Meanwhile, Joomla has been downloaded 127 million times, which shows how popular the CMS is.

What does it cost to have a website developed?

The answer to that question depends entirely on your needs and the time you are willing/able to invest in it yourself. Besides the costs for designing and building the website, you also have to take into account the recurring costs for hosting and technical maintenance. Let me know your wishes and I will list all costs for you in a clear but non-committal offer.

Will my website be found properly in Google?

With Joomla you can achieve a number 1 position in the search engines, but this depends on the content and authority of your website and the underlying technology. SEO you can do yourself or (partially) outsource. I am happy to help you with this.

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System (CMS) is a system used to manage the content (content) of a website. The administrator of the website can easily add, modify and delete content through the management screen.

Is Joomla user-friendly?

Joomla is a user-friendly system. You can add, modify or delete content yourself. Joomla has more possibilities than Wordpress out of the box. This also means it has a steeper learning curve. Especially if you have previously worked with Wordpress, the transition to Joomla takes some getting used to.

Is Joomla secure?

Joomla is in itself a safe system to build your website (or have it built). 1 of the conditions to keep your website really safe, is that your software, both Joomla itself and all extensions, kept up to date.

Is Joomla right for me?

Joomla is suitable for small, medium and large businesses, governments, foundations, organizations as well as personal (blog) websites.

I don't have time to update my website. Can you do that?

Of course, I can make adjustments for you. I do this support at a pre-arranged hourly rate.

Do you also provide hosting, texts, photos, logos and corporate identities?

Yes I can, but I don't do it all myself. I have built a network of designers, copywriters, photographers and other specialists in their own fields. I am happy to put them in touch with you.

Joomla maintenance plan

With the maintenance subscription, I take care of your Joomla and extension updates, making backups and monitoring your website.

All under 1 roof

In addition to Joomla maintenance subscription, I also offer Joomla Hosting to my clients starting at €10 per month.

About Joomla

Joomla is a powerful Open Source CMS suitable for both small and large websites. Open Source means that Joomla is available for free and you have access to the source files. You are free to modify them. A CMS (content management system) is the system on which your website is built, where you can easily maintain your website. Adding and modifying pages, articles, etc. are actions you can easily perform yourself. Of course I am happy to help you with your questions or can take all the work off your hands in the form of a Joomla SLA.

This is why Joomla

Of course, there are several CMS systems on the market, such as WordPress or Drupal. Each has its advantages. So what are the strengths of Joomla? Why did I choose Joomla?

Versatile and Flexible

With Joomla you can build small and large websites, from blogs to intranets and news site to mobile applications. Joomla distinguishes itself because there are many standard features included, think of multilingualism or an expanded rights structure that you can set what each visitor sees or what actions he can perform. This can all be set without having to install numerous plugins that make your website unnecessarily slow.

Joomla is also easy to expand: with additional features such as a contact form, a web shop, a reservation system or an events calendar.

Easy to manage

Joomla is first and foremost, of course, a "content management system. You can easily write and manage the content of your site with the built-in text editor. Which immediately shows you what your article will look like on the front end of the site. All without having to write a single letter of code. In addition, you have access to built-in modules for displaying, for example, the most popular content, most recent articles and related content.

Highly findable in Google

Your Joomla website will be optimized by me for Google by default. I like to think with you about a logical layout for your website. Each page gets a good title and description hidden in the html code and indexed by Google and other search engines. I also optimize the delivered images so that your website loads quickly.

A responsive Joomla website

It is important that your website works well on any screen, whether it is a large computer screen or a small phone screen and everything in between. More than 75% of visitors come to your website via a mobile device (phone or tablet).

If your website is not mobile-friendly, chances are very high that they will drop out quickly. Of course you want to prevent that. Your new website will therefore be tested on different screens and in the most common internet browsers so that your website looks good for every visitor.

From design to template

Have you had a website designed or are you a graphic designer and want to have the design converted into a working Joomla template? I build your template from your design in my own developed template or Yootheme PRO template.

Your design can be taken over 1 on 1 and meets today's requirements such as HTML5 and CSS3. If you use extensions I can work with template-overrides, so the extension fits your template. Of course it is possible to make your website responsive.

For best results, designs can be delivered in a layered PSD (Photoshop) or AI (Illustrator) file. Templates are installed directly on your existing website. I always deliver the templates white-labeled (i.e. without my naming rights), so you can use them for your clients as well.

Currently I only make templates suitable for Joomla 4.x.

Some Examples

What customers say

Silvie -

I think it looks beautiful. calm yet colourful, which really appeals to me. You listened carefully to my wishes and looked at the photos. Great work!

- Silvie -