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Joomla 4 Upgrade Service

Joomla 3.10 has introduced security-only mode. Support ends Aug. 17, 2023. Start planning today to migrate to Joomla 4.

If you have an older version of Joomla, now is the time to upgrade to the latest version. I can help you to upgrade your Joomla 3 website to Joomla 4. If you are still using an older Joomla version (1.0, 1.5 or 2.5) then it is no problem to plan an upgrade.

With my Joomla upgrade service the migration to the latest Joomla version will be seamless and there will be no downtime for your current live site. Upgrading and testing is done on my own development server. This way you also have the opportunity to review and approve the "new website" before it goes live.

Joomla 4 migration roadmap

Upgrading to Joomla 4 is not a one-button process. To avoid losing your important information, it is important to have a good plan. Below you can see which steps I take to properly migrate your website to Joomla 4.

Check requirements

Check requirements

I first check your website to make sure the template, extensions and hosting party are ready for the upgrade.

Create a backup

The website will be copied to my development environment. This way the current site will just stay online.

Performing an upgrade

The users, articles, extensions and template will be converted to Joomla 4.


Every functionality of the site is tested and compared to the old website.

Going live

After your review and final testing, we will copy the website to the live environment.


Need help with your new website? No problem, I'll help you even after the upgrade!

Why do I need to upgrade to Joomla 4?

In September 2012, Joomla 3.0 was released. And at the moment, the system is thus 10 years old. In the Internet world, we can safely call that "elderly". In recent years, much has changed technically and many new insights have come. Your website will be faster, perform better in search results, offer new features, etc.

Support for Joomla 3 will end in August 2023. So it is wise to schedule the migration before then.

What are the costs of an upgrade?

The costs of the upgrade depends on the Joomla version you are using, the template and the third party extensions installed on your site. Let me know your requirements and I will list all the costs for you in a clear but non-committal quote.

My template or extensions are not compatible with Joomla 4, now what?

If certain extensions are not available for Joomla 4, I will migrate the information to a similar extension/template in consultation.

Joomla maintenance plan

With the maintenance subscription, I take care of your Joomla and extension updates, making backups and monitoring your website.

All under 1 roof

In addition to Joomla maintenance subscription, I also offer Joomla Hosting to my clients starting at €10 per month.

Some Examples

What customers say

Diane Smeulders

After designing a logo and accompanying corporate identity by a designer, a website also had to be built. With our limited computer knowledge, it was better to outsource this. We found a fine cooperation partner for this in Jeroen from Joomill. Our website has really become a reflection of who we are and what we stand for. Good work, Jeroen!

- Diane Smeulders