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Together we make your website a success

Joomla Expert

Jeroen Moolenschot - Joomla Specialist I first came across Joomla in 2006. I developed my first website for my brother-in-law's company. User-friendliness was one of the requirements for the website and that was the main reason why I chose this CMS, on the recommendation of a friend. The system has unprecedented possibilities and a huge number of extensions, a clear interface and a huge community that is committed to making the system better and better.

Together we achieve the best result

I often work together with people from my network, such as graphic designers or SEO and Adwords specialists to get the best out of the project. Because my belief is that only together can we make your website a success!

Part of the community

Apart from building websites and web shops, I develop my own extensions and am committed to the community as a translator of various extensions, I am a member of the Extensions directory team and the Certification Exam and Platform team.

I also regularly give presentations at JUGs in The Netherlands and Belgium about my experiences with Joomla.

More information?

Do you want to know if I am the right partner for your next project? Take a look at my portfolio, see what my customers say or contact me directly.

What customers say

Robby van der Zande

Jeroen did a great job helping us convert a PSD into a template for our website. He works quickly, meticulously, neatly and with great enthusiasm. Everyone is delighted with the result !

- Robby van der Zande

Together we achieve the best result

Are you looking for a freelance web developer for your company? As a web builder I can collaborate within your team with, for example, graphic designers and marketers. I think along to achieve the best result together and I am a part of your team that you can rely on. In recent years I have worked for various internet companies and advertising agencies throughout the country. In many cases I have converted the design into a working Joomla template. It doesn't stop at developing websites, for many partners I also have take care of the technical management of the Joomla websites.